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collaboration, innovation & excellence Analytical thoroughness and insightful research topped up with Innovative technology to invest in global financial markets. Pillared by best engineers and trading professionals.
We value you No matter what are the market conditions. We help you understand the market better so that you make profits.
Liquidity and efficiencies We help you in regulating and shaping the market structure – we ensure to get it right.

What we do?

We specialize in Quantitative Research and Trading. Our vast experience in conducting quantitative market research makes us the leaders in global financial markets. Divya Portfolio strives for excellence in financial markets’ research.

From back testing infrastructure to building new strategies, we make use of some of the most cutting-edge techniques to identify and profit from market inefficiencies.

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Strategy in quantitative research does not only involves different methods for data collection and analysis, there is much more to it. Our key strategies involves understanding the complex mathematical and highly optimized algorithms. Our high-end trading systems are robust enough for providing real-time trading support and risk management. We also believe that transparency enables market participants to perform better and make well-informed decisions while making markets more efficient.


When you place trades with us, you’re placing your faith in us. That’s why we’re committed to provide fast and high-quality executions. Speed- Price Improvement - deep liquidity and execution competence enables us to achieve highest level of transparency related to our performance, process, and practices.

Our building blocks

Our in-house team of qualified and experienced engineers, traders and finance professionals is at the heart of our ability to drive game-changing ideas and strategies for clients. They think out of box to deal with the turbulence of the market to protect your investments. That is why they are teamed up together to give you, nothing but the best. At Divya Portfolio, you will find a team of driven and dynamic people focused on researching, interpreting and capitalizing on the global trading markets.

Why Choose Us?


Innovative technology, Ultra-fast and versatile trading infrastructure handling huge amount of trading transactions every day.


Top talent with outstanding quantitative skills and deep understanding of market dynamics.


Realistic strategies, Ideas and insights to help our traders to make profits from the market.


Professional yet friendly approach to help you make the best out your assets.